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Retain & grow customers by having the right conversation at the right time.


Around 10% of residential properties in New Zealand are listed for sale, rental or sold every year. In addition around 50,000 property owners will obtain building consents for significant alterations to their properties with a total improvement value of over $1.4bn. CoreLogic research has shown a direct correlation exists with key decisions made regarding ongoing product service provision when these property events happen.


Customer Property Monitor from CoreLogic will allow you to be easily notified about these property events, providing you significant opportunities to help grow your business.  Whether the goal is to increase retention, upsell or cross sell to customers, or improve customer satisfaction, Customer Property Monitor helps you to achieve your goals by allowing you to enhance your targeting strategy through communicating with your customers in a timely, relevant manner when they are most receptive to your message.


5 ways Property Monitor can help your business

Automatic alerts - be alerted when relevant property transactions occur, allowing you to build out workflows and targeted marketing solutions.

Increase retention - realise opportunities to increase retention amongst your current customer base by understanding when transactions are occurring that result in key product service decisions being made. 

Grow your business - target non-customer properties for acquisition, and maximise opportunities for cross selling and upselling at the right time.

Life stage/change triggers - communicate with customers at times when they are most receptive to your products and messaging.

Timely campaign deployment and delivery - alerts provided can be matched to your customer database and unique IDs, allowing fast, timely campaign deployment and delivery.

Customer Property Monitor For...

Property Monitor will alert organisations to major property related events affecting their customers which allows for relevant and insightful conversations. The following are just some of the sectors that Property Monitor can help:

  • Telcos & Utilities - reduce churn and make a customer's transition to a new property smooth and stress free, while up selling to other products and services at the same time.
  • Insurers – check if an insured property is being used as a rental & if landlords have appropriate insurance, keep in touch with your customers if they are selling their property to take out their next policy with you, learn when customers are improving their house & need to update their insurance. 
  • Lenders – alerts will come in to allow you to contact your customers so you can reduce churn, secure their next mortgage if they are looking at purchasing a new property, or provide a loan if they are renovating.

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