Terrestrial LiDAR

Precision 3D mapping.

Our terrestrial LiDAR data offers exceptional 3D modelling of the street environment that is realistic, highly accurate and measurable. Using state of the art LiDAR technology with 360 degree imagery, CoreLogic is able to deliver you cutting edge 3D spatial data and imagery that can be used for numerous business applications and projects.

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  • Customised data - tailored data and imagery to meet your specific business needs.
  • Integration into your data - get greater insight by matching and incorporating our data with your existing information.
  • Reduced costs - with comprehensive data already captured that spans the country there's no need for field work or traffic management costs. You'll save time and money because we've done the hard yards for you.
  • Efficient workflows - consistent results with proven workflows and processes as well as quick and efficient data delivery.
  • Improve safety - minimise risk to field crew with no need for inspections in dangerous conditions and situations.
  • Extensive expertise - Our LiDAR data is backed up by CoreLogic's expertise and knowledge of data handling and extraction from imagery and point cloud.

Detailed overview

Utilise LiDAR data within your business for: 

  • Asset location and management - including everything from poles and overhead lines to stormwater grates and street signs.
  • Attribute information of assets - such as pole height, type of pole, type of bracket, bracket outreach, materials, orientation of lamp and side of the street when in relation to light poles.
  • Condition reporting and defect detection - undertake visual inspection from georeferenced imagery when looking for pole lean, line sag, slack stay line and more.
  • Line height clearance reporting - including line height measurement, compliance assessment and where they are at risk from high vehicles.
  • Hazard encroachment reporting - including overhead lines at risk of vegetation encroachment.
  • Detailed surveying - including 3D existing condition, as-built and feature surveys on transport corridors for road maintenance and highway improvement.
  • Flood risk modelling - better inform planning and prevention with high quality modelling.
  • Volumetric calculations - including slope stability monitoring, stockpile calculations and the ability for repeat scans to monitor volume change over time.
  • Route planning for oversized vehicles - know exactly where oversized vehicles will be able to drive ahead of time.

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