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Emap brings data to life. A powerful online mapping tool, Emap provides businesses with instant access to different layers of geographic, land and property information covering New Zealand. With the ability to integrate and overlay your own data Emap allows you to visually communicate complex information to create real business insight.


  • Increase productivity - present and visually communicate business concepts so they are quickly understood and easily shared.
  • Gain greater perspective - get deeper insight and a better understanding of your business by easily finding the right property information and analysing location data.
  • Assess risk and realise opportunities - by overlaying location based business data you can create and edit your own custom layers to enable better decision making across your company.
  • Easy access - with online access you can login anywhere and at any time.

Detailed overview

A look at what Emap offers you:

  • Multiple views - with three distinct views, you can work with complex, high resolution aerial imagery as well as quality base maps, including terrain, street views and hybrid overlay views.
  • Operational layers - view additional details like contours, boundaries and property labels, over base map services.
  • Identifiable features - get all the information you need on the features you select with a set of data layers that you can search and query.
  • Accurate imagery - all Emap's imagery is fully ortho-rectified meaning it is spatially accurate and can be used with confidence for measuring areas or distances, in planning, or to visualise assets or locations.

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