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CoreLogic delivers rich data and analytics that supports your business. The obvious choice when needing specialist knowledge and custom solutions, we are able to create and analyse information to suit your business needs. We can also help you target your efforts to make sure you are delivering to your customers when, where and how they need you.

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  • Mitigate risk - knowing where business risks lie is critical to success. We can help you to identify where those risks lie and also to make smarter decisions based on accurate, timely information.
  • Build better customer relationships - understand what your customers need before even they know.
  • Know your portfolio - understand your market position and where you efforts will be best targeted.
  • Customised data - work with us to get tailored data solutions to suit your exact needs, including the ability to match and integrate our information with your existing datasets.
  • Target your marketing efforts - retain and grow your market share by making sure you reach your customers, and any potential customers, when they need you most.
  • Reduce costs - create efficiencies and streamline your efforts, so you can lower costs in the process.

Detailed overview

A glimpse at how CoreLogic's data and analytics can help you:

  • Automated Valuation Models (AVMs) - our powerful and proven meaures provide a quick and cost effective way to value properties and securities, giving you greater certainty and reassurance particularly on lending decisions.
  • Natural hazard data - understand your portfolios exposure to hazard risks, such as earthquakes, landslides, floods and tsunamis, and mitigate risk prior to any lending, credit or insurance decisions through comprehensive hazard data and risk modelling reported at either a granular, property specific level or aggregated.
  • Property Monitor (On the Market data) - enhance your portfolio and customer analysis and provide well-timed, tailored communications through up to date feeds of On the Market (OTM) property information and attribute data matched to your current portfolio.
  • Buyer classification analysis - comprehensive and reliable way to understand and measure types of buyers across the property market in New Zealand, allowing a greater understanding of the target market and ongoing measurement of planning and policy effectiveness within specific categories of home ownership.
  • Property attribute data - from the ability to understand and assess risk for the insurance industry, to modelling energy use for the energy sector, property attribute data can help you understand your customer's property from the inside out. Get an idea of attributes such as size, floor area, construction materials, age, location, value and length of tenure.
  • Statistical analysis of property stock and trend - by analysing property stock and any trends we can inform you of the age and types of properties in the area, which is especially pertinent for site and territory planning, delivery of services and assessment of demographics. You can also understand which areas are growing the fastest, where the highest turnover is and which areas are most stable.
  • GIS applications and integration - information often takes on a new life and insights become obvious when displayed spatially. We can help your business by showing you how your data can take on a whole new dimension using the latest spatial technology, simplified so that anyone can use and get benefit from it.
  • Bespoke analysis - by combining tailored data with our analytical expertise, we can help power your projects as well as add value to your business. With the ability to extract and deliver key information and overlay it with your current datasets, you can gain greater insight into your business, your customers and your market.
  • Mortgage market share - understand your true position by knowing what your market share is and how you compare to your competitors. With regional breakdowns, current registrations and discharges as well as share by buyer type all available, you will be able to understand where and with what types of buyers you need to target your efforts.

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Case Studies

Data use across the insurance industry


Ascertaining the hazard risk of properties is both important and useful information, especially for financial institutions, and in light of the Canterbury earthquakes. Through our detailed property database and related hazard information we are able to supply a major New Zealand insurance company with this data, enabling more due diligence when underwriting and pricing policy cover.continue reading

Warm Up NZ: Heat Smart


Since the Warm Up New Zealand: Heat Smart programme (WUNZ:HS) started in 2009, over 200,000 homes have been insulated as New Zealanders took advantage of the subsidies available. Overall, the Energy Efficiency and Conservation Authority (EECA) was looking to make New Zealand homes warmer, drier and more energy efficient. But was the scheme successful? continue reading

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