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PropertyView combines data from a variety of sources into a simple, streamlined application that helps you understand property boundaries, parcels and easements, and produce useful reports and legal advice for your clients. Developed specifically to provide legal professionals with the property information they need to help their clients to buy and sell, PropertyView gives you efficiency in conveyancing and other property-focussed legal services.

5 ways PropertyView can help legal professionals:

    • Access current, comprehensive property data in one application. PropertyView combines interactive maps and property data from sources including local and regional councils, LINZ and other government departments, and is updated weekly.
    • Save time. Helps to reduce the time you spend finding property and title data with simple search options. Easily collate key information and produce attractive reports.
    • Provide great service to your clients. High-resolution imagery and additional notation and drawing tools help you produce useful legal advice for your customers.
    • Make sure you have all the important information. Visualising properties helps ensure that all boundaries, neighbours, parcels and instruments are accounted for.
    • Shed light on easements. Display easements visually on the map so they are clearer and easier to understand.

          Key features

          • Quality, up-to-date property information including title, instrument, boundary, property attribute and ownership information, and updated weekly.
          • Flexible search options. Find properties via the property address, owner’s name, title reference, legal description or road name; or locate properties using the map.
          • PDF property report. Generate attractive PDF reports containing property and ownership information, aerial and street view maps, and current and historical memorials. 
          • Data layers. Switch between the following data sets displayed on the map: Easements; owner, land area, title reference and legal description; last sale price and date; and Estate Type. 
          • Mark up tools. Add notations to the map such as text, highlighting and measurements, which can then be saved to PDF and printed.
          • Multiple map views. Choose between street map, topographical map or aerial imagery.
          • Featuring CoreLogic Basemaps. NZ’s most comprehensive basemap series, with roads, property and address level changes across New Zealand made monthly to ensure data currency.
          • Legal document ordering. Click through to Terranet for ordering titles and other legal documents from Landonline.

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