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Insurance claims workflow and estimating software

Symbility is a global provider of cloud-based claims technology for the property insurance industry. CoreLogic is a strategic partner of Symbility Solutions in both New Zealand and Australia.

CoreLogic's new strategic partnership with Symbility Solutions helps the home insurance industry simplify the claims process and improve the customer experience via data driven cloud-based workflow solutions.

Designed to be flexible and easy-to-use, Symbility's technology platform empowers insurers to collaborate throughout the entire claim lifecycle - from helping to identify properties that might have a claim, through the management of claims that do occur, and the resulting restoration efforts that may be required. Symbility helps all of the participants in the claim reduce costs and complexity, while enabling them to deliver a market-leading claims experience to their policyholders.

Symbility has helped many insurance companies experience:

  • Reduction in average claims process cycle time - from an industry average of 18.6 days to just 8 days
  • Increase in the number of catastrophe claims handled from 4 to 12 per day
  • Increase "one visit and done" claims from 15% to 50%
  • Decline in loss adjuster re-inspection rates from 7% to 1%.

Get in touch with us today to discuss how Symbility Solutions can help your business.

Highlights & Benefits

  • Collaborate – Multiple vendors can collaborate on different aspects of the same claim at the same time and subsequently track the progress of each separate aspect using the assignments feature.
  • Facilitate – Deliver speedy and accurate settlements using file review and examination tools. Make edits to existing estimates and add forms and photos online. View photos and estimates side-by-side to easily review claim work and even create new estimates directly on the web.
  • Communicate – Automatically notify all claim participants of important changes and updates. Users can choose how they receive notifications - via email and/or text message. Calendar tools synchronize with Outlook to make scheduling and rescheduling of appointments convenient and efficient.
  • Evaluate – Instant access to data and metrics is a necessity for insurance management teams. Symbility includes self-serve analysis tools that provide access and help to users to extract and share meaningful insights and visualizations in real time.
  • Integrate – Open up the workflow between systems, departments and people. With a comprehensive and mature Application Programming Interface (API) you can easily push and pull information to and from your CMS and other existing systems. 

Product overview

  • Symbility > Claims Connect - Optimize workflow by rapidly and securely connecting everyone in the claims cycle – from building contractors to field estimators, to home office adjusters and even policyholders – to the right data, at the right time. Download product sheet here.
  • Symbility > Mobile Claims - Enhance productivity with Mobile Claims, the industry’s leading mobile estimating solution for capturing claims data anywhere. Fast, accurate estimate generation in the field – even in challenging, offline conditions. Download product sheet here.
  • Symbility > Video Connect - Paving the way towards consumer self-service. This groundbreaking live video collaboration tool enables policyholders to interact directly with an insurance adjuster at the First Notice of Loss stage to perform a complete and secure remote inspection of the damaged property. Download product sheet here.
  • Symbility > Desk Adjuster - Desk Adjuster enables inside adjusters to field low-severity claims over the phone by using a questionnaire that combines a configurable call script with a patent-pending expert estimating system that the insurance carrier sets up based on their procedures, preferences, and estimating practices. Download product sheet here.

Key Features

  • Cloud Based - Symbility’s open, born in the cloud platform is bringing the insurance ecosystem closer together. With Symbility, claims data is accurate and up-to-date because Symbility’s cloud-based applications can be accessed by multiple stakeholders in multiple locations in real-time.
  • Integration - Symbility provides a fully documented API which allows easy and secured integration with any claim systems from a very simple push to complex workflow scenarios.
  • Security and privacy - Symbility Solutions is committed to guarding the confidentiality, integrity and availability of all physical and electronic information assets of the organization to ensure that regulatory, operational and contractual requirements are fulfilled.
  • Data ownership - Symbility hosts all client data in the cloud and ensures that clients retain full ownership of the data they create when using Symbility’s claims estimating products.
  • Free Support - Symbility provides a toll-free customer support line to all users, at no extra charge.
  • Training - Symbility offers various training formats that can be adapted to the needs and size of the client. It only takes 2 days to get up to speed on Symbility’s products.

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