Natural Hazard Data

Mitigating risk.

New Zealand is ranked third in the world for expected losses that could occur from a natural hazard as a percentage of GDP in any given year. (Source - 2012 Lloyd's study).

Understanding the risk that natural hazards pose to your customers and therefore your business is crucial. CoreLogic is able to provide comprehensive hazard data at an individual property level based on the exact location of the property, as opposed to more generalised assessments such as existing CRESTA zones. Once you have identified the risk at each property level, it becomes easy to then model at portfolio level to understand the concentration of exposure to particular risks, letting you assess and determine your full exposure. 

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  • Understand existing exposure - assess whether your current portfolio is at risk and proactively adjust lending or underwriting policy if required or see whether there are any risks that could affect the viability of property to be insured or held as collateral.
  • Forecasting and reporting - get the ability to forecast and estimate any associated risks within portfolios, and actively report risk and exposure to reinsurers.
  • Price the risk - be it for new policy enquiries or when looking to lend or insure, make sure you know the details before outlining price.
  • Risk ratings - providing a summary of the risk and attributes of the property, which allows organisations to assess their full exposure.
  • Tailored delivery options - get our data however you need it, including integration into logic decisions and alerts within our current platforms and web services.

Detailed overview

The main hazard data we provide includes:

  • Earthquakes - including susceptibility to fault rupture, frequency, response to close or distant earthquake and liquefaction.
  • Landslide - including slope/rock strength model, previous recorded instability and District Plan data risk.
  • Floods - including 100 year flood zone, council flood information and soil data indicating susceptibility.
  • Coastal - including tsunami risk, based on proximity to coast, elevation and likely source and estimated wave height.

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Case Studies

Data use across the insurance industry


Ascertaining the hazard risk of properties is both important and useful information, especially for financial institutions, and in light of the Canterbury earthquakes. Through our detailed property database and related hazard information we are able to supply a major New Zealand insurance company with this data, enabling more due diligence when underwriting and pricing policy cover.continue reading

Support through disaster


When the Canterbury earthquakes struck, many were left with their homes, and their lives in ruins. It was very evident that quick and efficient property information was going to be key for government agencies and financial institutions to be able to understand the situation quickly and adequately, and help residents start to sort out the disarray.continue reading

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