Cordell Sum Sure

Bringing greater assurance to New Zealand’s home insurance market

Cordell Sum Sure helps insurers and homeowners tackle New Zealand’s sum insured challenge by integrating detailed information about individual properties with Cordell's market leading construction cost data and building analytics. This allows Cordell Sum Sure to generate real time reconstruction estimates making it easy to help determine a nominated sum insured value.

For most properties, all that is needed is the address. Within seconds, a total rebuild-cost estimate is created, which can then be reviewed and refined if required.  

To learn more about Cordell Sum Sure, download the product sheet here, or view the Cordell Sum Sure product video.

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  • Instant estimate – For most properties by simply entering an address, a real time reconstruction estimate is returned.
  • Refine the result –Amend and add additional property data to further refine the estimate such as adding swimming pools, external buildings and heating sources.
  • Reduced guess work –Cordell Sum Sure pre-populates with our detailed property information allowing for a quick estimate.  Consumers can focus on validating the data used and refining the estimate, rather than working out and manually entering property attributes.
  • Cost breakdown – Delivers reconstruction costs (that utilises Cordell construction cost data) plus demolition costs and GST to give you a more complete picture.
  • Report generation – Creates a date and time stamped record for reference.

Detailed overview

How Cordell Sum Sure can help you:

  • Modern “component-based” estimation technology - improve coverage adequacy by calculating sum insured values with localised Cordell construction cost information and property-specific attribute data.
  • Superior Customer Service - provide your customers with a simple, easy to use fully integrated solution to help determine their sum insured value.
  • Standalone, Website or API integration – the ability to fully integrate into online quote to sell process or digital platform for a truly frictionless customer experience.
  • Understand portfolio exposure - access to in depth insight at the portfolio level to understand where to focus efforts to resolve underinsurance.
  • Ongoing portfolio management – allows insurers to more accurately revise sum insured values and renew premiums based on the change in reconstruction cost at individual property level, rather than using a general adjustment for building inflation. 
  • Improved point to portfolio reporting for reinsurers – by getting the details at property level, you can be more certain on reporting at portfolio level for reserving and reinsurance. 
  • Improve financial metrics– collect premiums commensurate with the risk being insured, to improve loss ratios and overall profitability.

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