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Eliminate the risk of having incorrect address data within your business with Address Right, a powerful and accurate addressing solution that allows you to access data in real-time. Remove the possibility of human error and ensure that your communications and product or service are delivered to the right place.

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Easy connection and integration - through a set of API's you can access address information easily and store the standardised results straight into your own database.

  • Reduce costs - with fewer manual corrections and a consistent customer experience, you'll create greater efficiencies.
  • Improved performance - eliminate order rejection and have confidence in knowing your orders are being sent to a verified address.
  • Trusted and consistent - with a proven and reliable match rate, you'll get an accurate physical address when you need it, and in an easy to read standardised format.

High level overview

How Address Right can help you:

  • Three distinct services - access three separate services - an auto-complete function, full standardised and verified address details as well as aerial imagery and map services - from any web-enabled application.
  • Using trusted data - utilising CoreLogic's NZ Master Map address database, the same data our emergency services rely on, you get accesss to a dataset of millions of fully verified, primary in use physical addresses, all linked to alias addresses where possible.
  • Configured to suit your requirements - as well as configuring Address Right to access NZ Master Map we can also access NZ Postal Address File, meaning your online forms or applications can be configured how you need them to be, to a physical address, mailing address or both.

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