Address Cleansing and Statement of Accuracy

Corelogic offers a suite of addressing services, including address cleansing and Statement of Accuracy

To ensure that your existing address set is in the best state possible, CoreLogic can provide Address Cleansing services.  CoreLogic uses a combination of manual and automated address cleansing to ensure that you get the best result possible.

Combining address cleansing with the Address Right service will ensure you achieve the optimum database accuracy and business benefit.  Once you have had your address database cleansed, by implementing the Address Right service you will not only benefit from the workflow efficiencies and improved customer experience, but with time the accuracy of your data will continually improve, as any new addresses added will be accurate, verified addresses.

There are a number of different cleansing options available depending on your requirements.  CoreLogic can provide a cleanse only, or with a Statement of Accuracy to assist with NZ Post SendRight accreditation.

SendRight certification means you can receive discounts for sending bulk mail so long as you have a minimum address match rate to the Postal Address File of 85%.

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