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Who has gained in the NZ property market?

25 July 2017

Across New Zealand, 3.7% of all property resales over the March 2017 quarter transacted at a gross loss. This is a slight drop from the prior quarter (4.2%) and is a continuation of the longer term downward trend since 2011.

This is unsurprising when you consider the growth in values that the NZ Property Market has gone through over that period - as prices increase it becomes less likely that a property will sell at a loss. 

Nationally there was over $26m in realised losses over the quarter with a median value of $20k per sale. This is dwarfed by the amount gained from properties sold at a profit, which totalled $3.9b at a median gain of $167k per sale.

Nationwide, properties that sold at a loss for the quarter had been owned for a median of 8.0 years compared to 8.1 years for properties sold at a gain. This similarity is somewhat surprising as we’d expect those sales experiencing loss to have happened over a shorter period, given typical growth over the long term.

For more information and to see the gains and losses at a more regional level, download the latest Pain and Gain Report here.

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