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New listings are following their usual seasonal pattern of dropping in winter

12 July 2017

The number of new listings is following a very similar pattern, and is at very similar levels, to the same time last year, both in Auckland and for the rest of New Zealand.

There are some regional differences though with Waikato and Otago seeing an increase in new listings compared to the same time last year, while Wellington is down.

The combination of low sales volumes with a normal level of listings means that the total stock of properties on the market has increased dramatically in Auckland, and is now 57% higher than the same time a year ago.

The Bay of Plenty has also had a strong increase in total listings. Meanwhile total listings are still much lower than last year in Wellington and Otago.

Areas with a growing number of listings will be feeling far less upward pressure on prices than in areas where listings continue to tighten.

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