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What your 2018 could involve: property, your data knowledge and social media accounts

09 February 2018

Just like that, January has disappeared in a flash. It may have passed by quickly - but with an abundance of public holidays, the property market takes just as long as the rest of us to get into the swing of things again. Was it just the usual sluggish summer pattern? Or does it indicate the beginning of a slower year?

The next two months will give us an indication of how 2018 will unfold, and we have the latest market stats to keep you up-to-date on the property market’s current situation. Read the update here

The QV House Price Index shows further value growth for most regions, picking up where we left off before the holidays. Building consents have been a positive factor, and December’s recently released figures show an increase in many areas. New listings seem to be holding to a similar number compared to this time in 2017, despite many previously predicting a drop.

Overall, without the effects of elections and LVR restrictions looming, the property market could grow at a moderate rate (compared to previous years), but only time will tell.

For more in-depth analysis, check out the latest commentary from our Head of Research, Nick Goodall. There’s also our monthly Property Market and Economic Update, available under the News and Research section of our website. February’s edition will be the first for 2018.

Does your business crunch the numbers?

Many of our property industry clients undertake research and provide reports to their clients using one of our subscription products (Property Guru, RPNZ, Emap, etc.), or by ordering one-off reports (, Terranet). They’re all powerful tools and can yield impressive insights for your business.

But, if you really wanted to develop a unique view of your customers or market - you can order customised data sets extracted directly from our databases, giving access to a whole new level of market insight. It’s also possible to clean your database and certify the accuracy of your mailing lists for cheaper postage.

How could you use data in your business? Well, here are a few examples. 

A real estate agent might be interested in segmenting their patch, and finding out exactly how many houses, units and apartments there are. Maybe with bedroom numbers and land size as well. How about when they were last sold? Not only can you be the area expert, but you can also find the best properties to bring to market.

Mortgage advisers could be interested in finding hotspots of areas where people have owned houses for more than 10 years with no mortgage whilst enjoying a significant RV increase: sounds like some equity locked away there! 

Builders may want to know which properties in their local area are subdivisible. Or a list of pre-1960s properties with weatherboard cladding and steel roofs could identify prime renovation opportunities.

If your business involves property, we have the data and the expertise to help grow your reach or dig deeper. If you want to know more about what we can do for you, our team is here to help. Contact us today

Are you social media savvy?

Social media can be foreign territory for small business owners, but (as repeated at almost every conference you go to) it can be an incredibly valuable tool for communicating to existing and potential clients.

Before joining CoreLogic, I worked in a 3-person real estate team and looking after our Facebook page and website was part of my role. My next job was working for a marketing company on the property and finance desk and I soon realised that posting listings on Facebook 24/7 is just about the worst thing you can do - your followers will just tune out. I certainly could have done with our “TOP 50 GROWTH HACKS” guide, which includes plenty of social media tips for growing your online presence this year. Download a copy now.

Curate content 

If you constantly post offerings from your business, you aren’t adding value for followers, except for that narrow band of time when they’re looking to buy what you’re selling. Create and share meaningful content to drive engagement. 

If you’re the ‘local area expert’, share some posts from local shops, talk about the cricket game down the road, tell people about your favourite takeaway find. If you talk to homemakers, share the occasional recipe or things to do on a rainy day at home with the kids.

These light-hearted posts keep you in people’s feeds and grab their attention. When you really want to engage them, share something powerful that relates to what you do. News articles, infographics, research, or even share posts from CoreLogic. You can find us on LinkedIn, Twitter  or Facebook for easy sharing – and whilst you’re at it: add your own thoughts for personal relevancy too.

Now when you want to talk business to your audience, they’ve already gotten to know you:  you’ve added some value to their lives, or at least entertained them! This makes you much more trustworthy and approachable.

Our Top 50 Growth Hacks Guide is such a great (and free!) resource:  it’s not just for social media improvement either. Plenty of solid tips from top real estate professionals that are easily transferred to other industries too. 

When you’re ready to delve deeper into your data with one of our customised services, definitely let our team know but in the meantime, make sure you’re on top of the latest research thoughts here.

- Geoff Phillips, Sales Director - SME

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