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4 ways to be an agent of tomorrow

17 November 2017

More than 300 people packed the Crowne Plaza in Auckland to learn how to be an Agent of Tomorrow from leading real estate coach, Tom Panos.

In a lively and engaged presentation sponsored by CoreLogic NZ, Tom told agents that customer expectations had changed in real estate; both buyers and sellers now want a relationship with someone they can trust, not just a transaction. The rise of technology and self-service means anyone can now list, market and sell a property. Agents have to prove their value as a trusted advisor. Otherwise, they will end up competing on commissions.  

“Customers these days are surrounded by information,” Tom said. “What they need is someone experienced they can trust to help them understand what all that information means for them.”


Here are 4 key take-outs from Tom’s presentation:

1. Be a process driven agent, not an energy driven agent

If you rely on your energy, your business and your results will fluctuate and swing between highs and lows based on the last thing that happened to you. It will keep you busy but make you exhausted. Focusing on working the process allows you to keep your performance consistent and achieve longer term goals. 

2. Be generous

The way to establish trust and connection is through giving people something of value, before they even ask for it. Be generous with your local knowledge, be generous with your time, offer people value, and do that many, many times before you ask for anything in return.  

“The jabbing you do now will pay off in 2019, 2020,” said Tom, quoting Gary Vaynerchuck

3. Diagnose before you prescribe

Listening and giving people your attention are some of the greatest gifts you can give someone, Tom said. Understand your clients’ motivation and understand where they are at in their selling journey before you start to tell them how great you are. Questions like ‘who referred you to us?’, ‘have you sold before?’ and ‘are you buying or browsing?’ will give you great insights into how much they know about you, how experienced they are and how ready they are to take the next step.

4. Solve problems, don’t be a problem

If you are focused on yourself and your own troubles, you will bring them with you into every listing presentation. Instead, focus on the people in front of you. Take yourself out of the equation. Every buyer or seller has a problem they want to solve – be the person that solves that problem for them, and you’ll earn their loyalty for life.


The event was a first for CoreLogic NZ and also featured insights on the future of real estate from Greg Dickason.

The acting Country Manager of CoreLogic NZ, Sarah Gillies, said she was overwhelmed by the response to the day. 

“At CoreLogic, it’s our mission to bring the insights and future-thinking that we see from our affiliates in Australia and the US back to New Zealand, mix them with some Kiwi innovation and make them work for local markets,” she said.

“Tom was a really passionate and insightful speaker that everyone got value from, and we’re looking forward to doing more events in the future.”

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