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Valuation Ordering Service

02 November 2014

Changing the shape of a profession is never going to be an easy feat. We decided to do it anyway. With the customer in mind, we set about creating a simple, efficient service where the banks, valuers and customers could be assured that every step was transparent and independent. It was about creating consistency.

Setting out to enhance standards and decrease potential risk regarding mortgage lending, we consulted the five major New Zealand banks before going live with the Valuation Ordering Service in 2011.

With ANZ signing up to be the first bank to pilot the service, others have since followed, and almost all the major valuation firms in the country are now onboard. With all valuation firms going through an approval process by both the banks and CoreLogic before joining the Panel, we are ensuring quality, increasing coverage across the country and ultimately lowering the risk to all involved.

The Valuation Ordering Service is continually growing and exceeding both bank and customer expectations. And in 2014 the service was extended out to financial and mortgage advisers, helping to create a more consistent customer experience no matter who they deal with.

Contact us if you would like to talk to someone regarding the Valuation Ordering Service, or how we can devise industry solutions for you.

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