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Syndicated data feeds

02 November 2014

Our property information powers some of the most trusted and market leading brands in New Zealand. Our data has been integrated across varying mobile and web applications, providing customers with the latest property details regardless of where they are or who they are dealing with.

Through a better understanding and utilisation of API's, our feeds are being fully capitalised upon and used across platforms such as Trade Me. As well as being populated with key property details such as dynamic recent sales that are centred around a geo-point, on the market information and property reports, we are also able to link and match our QPID ID to Trade Me listing ID's.

Through our API data feeds we have ensured that our customers don't have to worry about the database that is supplying the information. We simply take care of it all for them, including updating the information, making it easy and giving clients back the time they need to focus on other business objectives.

Part of a range of solutions we can offer to populate your application with property information, contact us to find out how our data feeds could help you.

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