Case Study

Support through disaster

02 November 2014

When the Canterbury earthquakes struck, many were left with their homes, and their lives in ruins. It was very evident that quick and efficient property information was going to be key for government agencies and financial institutions to be able to understand the situation quickly and adequately, and help residents start to sort out the disarray.

After the first quake struck, there was very little information coming through as to the scale and severity of the damage. Our on the ground information enabled us to establish roll by roll whether there was little or large amounts of damage and provide this information back to our clients. We were able to highlight what their market share was within each damaged area. Once the first zoning categories came through, we were also able to match those areas with parcel ID's and again correspond this to our client's portfolios.

After the second quake we again had more requests for information. We hosted senior managers from differing financial institutions in Christchurch, briefing them with relevant information from various companies, taking them on a tour around the damaged areas, and gave them the opportunity to discuss ideas amongst themselves. This enabled them to truly realise the full extent of the damage and how best to deal with it.

Since the earthquakes we have established a formal data sharing arrangement, meaning every time zones are changed or updated we receive timely information. This allows us to share it with our clients and for them to respond appropriately for their customers also. We have also continued to provide regular property information, offering monthly market updates on value and volume of sales zone by zone.

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