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Eyles McGough Valuers - Latest data helps valuers stay at the top of their game

02 November 2014

CoreLogic's Property Guru backs up the extensive knowledge of property valuer Roger Ganley and his team at Eyles McGough in Auckland and sees their clients return.

Challenge: Satisfying knowledgeable clients

Roger Ganley's clients are savvy when it comes to property. Many of them own multiple properties and are experienced investors. They range from commercial landlords and councils who need a rent review, to banks after a mortgage valuation, and individuals who need a sale and purchase valuation.

Roger says the challenge for him and his team is staying on top of property market trends.

"There's a lot of property information out there which anyone can access. Most of our clients regularly look at property websites, read the business pages, and discuss property opportunities with their knowledgeable colleagues and friends. They're pretty clued up so it's up to us to fill in the gaps in their knowledge and give them an accurate fair valuation that reflects exactly where the property market is. We need to stay one step ahead," he says.

Solution: The full picture

Roger says CoreLogic's Property Guru provides his team with up-to-date information.

"Property Guru is the ultimate property information tool for us because it backs up our knowledge and fills in the gaps on properties where we may have less experience.

When you're valuing a property you need to consider the full picture and have an understanding of where the property fits within the larger local area. Property Guru gives me the complete sales history of the property I'm valuing and I can compare it to other similar properties in the area and check how much they sold for and when they last sold.

"Using the radius search I can define the area I want to research, and then I can refine those properties down to those of a similar age and size. Then we know we are comparing apples with apples.

"I can be confident Property Guru's data is current and the valuation I'm preparing will be accurate and fair," he says.

Business benefit: Confidence of your convictions

Mr Ganley says clients rely on valuers like him to provide a non-biased assessment of a property's worth independent of any real estate professional, property buyer or seller.

"A lot of our business comes to us via word of mouth. Clients and former clients recommend us because they know we provide them with an unbiased, independent valuation. Property Guru helps us provide that level of service and our reputation keeps our clients coming through our door.

"We can be confident our clients are receiving the best service and expertise available," Roger says.

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