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Why NZ property can’t blame that holiday

05 March 2018

Just like most humans, the property market normally takes a while to get back into the swing of things after ending the previous year. continue reading

Who's buying?

05 March 2018

It’s always so fascinating to go beyond the top-level property statistics and see who really is buying property, because that’s where you can get real indicators of market change.continue reading

Watch the latest Monthly Property & Economic Update

22 February 2018

Well, the property market feels like it’s had a sluggish start to the year - with our measure of valuation volumes certainly backing up anecdotal evidence of consistently restrained market activity, especially in Auckland.continue reading

CoreLogic February Property Market & Economic Report

22 February 2018

CoreLogic today reported that during February, New Zealand’s property market was slow to get started with early results sluggish for both demand and activity. continue reading

What your 2018 could involve: property, your data knowledge and social media accounts

09 February 2018

Just like that, January has disappeared in a flash. It may have passed by quickly - but with an abundance of public holidays, the property market takes just as long as the rest of us to get into the swing of things again. Was it just the usual sluggish summer pattern? Or does it indicate the beginnicontinue reading

Values hold up but activity continues to drop

08 February 2018

Once again I was a little surprised when I saw the QV House Price Index charts this month. continue reading

How do property sellers feel about real estate agents? New survey seeks to learn the truth.

07 February 2018

Data for a landmark new survey to understand how property sellers feel about real estate agents is currently being collected by CoreLogic.continue reading

CoreLogic welcomes Bruce Wiggins to our team

01 February 2018

Bruce Wiggins has joined property data and analytics provider CoreLogic in their Valuation Risk & Compliance team. continue reading

Watch the latest Monthly Property & Economic Update

30 January 2018

The housing market is yet to properly kick back into action fully for 2018 so this month we took the opportunity to evaluate the year that was 2017 in the property market.continue reading


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