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New Zealand’s Digital Addressing Twin

11 July 2017

A digital twin is a digital companion to a physical asset or network of assets. Conceptually a digital twin is an up-to-date and accurate copy of a physical object's properties and states, including shape, position, status and motion.continue reading

Multitude of factors contribute to further slowing of the main centre housing markets

06 July 2017

Based on the latest QV House Price Index figures, the slowdown in property values has continued in Auckland and Hamilton, and is now much clearer in Wellington and Dunedin after they had previously shown some resistance. Tauranga is the only major city to buck the trend, although it’s still too earlcontinue reading

Over 96% of New Zealand Property Owners Profiting From Resales

05 July 2017

More homeowners are selling properties for a profit based on the buoyant housing market conditions over the past few years, according to new data from CoreLogic. continue reading

Video: Monthly Property & Economic Update for June 2017

26 June 2017

Get right up to speed with what has been happening in the NZ property market as our Head of Research Jonno Ingerson takes you through the latest trends, with some very interesting new developments!continue reading

June - July 2017 Monthly Property Market & Economic Update now available

21 June 2017

This monthly report created by the CoreLogic NZ Research Team covers the main economic factors that influence the housing market, and then looks at sales volumes, values, and active buyer types in both the national and main centre housing markets.continue reading

Kiwis and their assets

01 June 2017

Despite all the talk of affordability, Kiwis still prefer their assets in property form but NZ's listed stocks are the rising star. continue reading

House prices slow, and will likely keep slowing

01 June 2017

Jonno Ingerson, Head of Research, CoreLogic NZ Ltd. The latest monthly QV house price index shows that the rate of increase of New Zealand property values is near zero. It is yet another source confirming a widespread slowdown in the housing market - from demand, to sales volumes and of course valcontinue reading

Sales drop hitting all types of buyers

31 May 2017

We’re currently looking at a nationwide downwards slide in sales volumes, a trend that started a year ago. continue reading

Long weekends and the property market

29 May 2017

Thanks to the way dates fell in the working calendar, the Statutory Holidays of Easter Break and ANZAC weekend were both in close proximity this year. What effect did this have on the property market?continue reading


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