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What does low business confidence mean when buying a house?

22 October 2015

Confidence is key in a number of areas, both personal and economic. Business confidence can be a key measure of how the wider economy is performing and as a part of that, it can also offer insight into what the property market has in store. For example, weak business confidence could see a reductiocontinue reading

How is the cash rate impacting NZ real estate?

21 October 2015

The official cash rate announcements from the Reserve Bank of New Zealand (RBNZ) are more or less a cut and paste affair, with most commentary from Governor Graeme Wheeler similar to the months that came before it. However, it's the slight discrepancies that are the important things to keep an eye ocontinue reading

How many people are borrowing for property investment?

13 October 2015

What's trending in home loans? Whether you are a house hunter, mortgage broker or real estate agent, understanding the level of lending across the country is crucial. It helps you to be fully informed when buying and selling property, not to mention offers a view to future trends in the property marcontinue reading

Who's going to pay more tax when investing in property?

07 October 2015

Death and taxes; the classic duo that will last until the end of time. The taxation of people selling property appears to be a new trick up the government's sleeve to counteract heavy growth in property investment, and the latest new rule came into force at the beginning of October.  Thiscontinue reading

Watching the market change

02 October 2015

Jonno Ingerson, Director of Research, CoreLogic NZ Ltd. It’s an absolutely fascinating time to be watching the housing market. It feels like we are right on the verge of the market changing shape, and in fact it already is. After several years of telling the same story about Auckland values increacontinue reading

Does Broadband impact property prices?

30 September 2015

Market variables are a fickle set to keep track of. Population growth, historic price trends and more can paint a good picture of what real estate is worth across the country, but what about internet capabilities? The New Zealand government recently announced that 724,000 homes, schools and places ocontinue reading

We asked New Zealanders what they really thought about property

16 September 2015

Property has become a major national pastime in New Zealand, with most of us buying, renovating or selling at least one property in our lifetime. Property and Real Estate is an important part of the average Kiwis life, in today’s market more than ever. So we went directly to our customercontinue reading

Market already busy before spring starts

02 September 2015

Jonno Ingerson, Director of Research, Corelogic NZ Ltd Auckland values continue to surge ahead but now so too is Hamilton according to the latest QV house price index. We are now well used to talking about the increase in Auckland values and this month is no exception. Values in the Supercity are continue reading

Value increases spread beyond Auckland, but not far

04 August 2015

Jonno Ingerson, Director of Research, CoreLogic NZ Ltd The latest monthly QV House Price Index results are out and they continue to show the strength of the Auckland market. Across the Auckland Region values are up 18.8% annually and 5.7% over the past three months. The average current value of thcontinue reading


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