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Could 2016 be the year for First Home Buyers?

11 January 2016

Nick Goodall, Senior Research Analyst, CoreLogic NZ Ltd. First Home Buyers found their way back into the market throughout 2015 as lending conditions remained favourable and regulatory changes targeted property investors, both local and foreign. KiwiSaver funds being accessed for first homes conticontinue reading

Auckland values finally slow, while the rest of the country speeds up

10 January 2016

Jonno Ingerson, Director of Research, CoreLogic NZ Ltd. The QV house price index for December, powered by Corelogic, has just been released. So how did 2015 end? First let’s talk about Auckland. After all it is our biggest city, and it’s also Auckland that has caught everyone’s attention with its continue reading

Median Sales Prices and measuring property market performance

21 December 2015

Nick Goodall, Senior Research Analyst, CoreLogic NZ Ltd. The front page of the Herald yesterday headlined ‘What’s hot, what’s not’ in reference to the Auckland suburbs observing the greatest property growth over the last year.  Unfortunately the stats used are not fully representative of the mcontinue reading

Are there signs that values are slowing?

02 December 2015

There is not yet any conclusive evidence that Auckland values are dropping, at least according to the latest monthly QV House Price Index. Across Auckland values rose 24.4% year on year, exactly the same as we saw last month. The value change over the last three months was 6.5% down a little from tcontinue reading

How does technology help New Zealand real estate?

26 November 2015

As technology moves forward, real estate agents and the like can harness its power to boost their business. But will it add or take away jobs?continue reading

Cash rate stability looms large

25 November 2015

With stability announced for our Official Cash rate (OCR), what are the major factors that will influence decisions from the Reserve Bank?continue reading

How does the current property market compare with previous cycles?

04 November 2015

Nick Goodall, Senior Research Analyst, CoreLogic NZ Ltd. We are in a very interesting time for the property market with varying factors indicating differing directions, and there is no shortage of anecdotes supporting all sorts of theories.  One of the themes that has caught my eye has been wcontinue reading

Report recommends fundamental reform of the planning system

01 November 2015

The Productivity Commission has outlined a number of issues with the release of land for NZ real estate development, but how do we solve these problems?continue reading

Is commercial property investment the right way to go?

27 October 2015

If you already own New Zealand residential real estate but want to expand your investment portfolio, you've got a wide range of options sitting before you. However, in certain areas (looking at you, Auckland) it can be difficult to get a foothold on residential property as a long-term investment.&nbcontinue reading


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