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No sign of a slowdown in Auckland yet

10 June 2015

Jonno Ingerson, Director of Research, CoreLogic NZ Ltd In the past few weeks, the Government and Reserve Bank have moved to slow the Auckland property market through the introduction of several measurescontinue reading

A look into the length of time properties are held for before selling

25 May 2015

Nick Goodall, Senior Research Analyst, CoreLogic NZ Ltd On Sunday the Government announced a number of different property tax measures and processes to ensure that property investors pay their fair share of tax. This included the proposal of a ‘bright-line’ test to be introduced in order to tacontinue reading

The rest of the country is about to boom? I don't think so.

05 May 2015

Jonno Ingerson, Director of Research, CoreLogic Another month passes, and another month of Auckland values rising above the rest of the country. The latest CoreLogic monthly house price index shows that values in Auckland have increased by 14.6% over the past year. That has dragged the nationwidecontinue reading

Auckland charges on while the rest cruise

07 April 2015

Jonno Ingerson, Director of Research, CoreLogic NZ Ltd The latest QV/CoreLogic monthly house price index stats show nationwide values have increased by 7.7% over the past year. If you’re sitting in Auckland reading this then you know that values there are rising much faster than that. Conversely icontinue reading

The rise of Auckland

16 February 2015

Jonno Ingerson, Director of Research, CoreLogic NZ The latest monthly house price index published by QV confirms that Auckland values are rapidly rising again. In the three months to January values increased 5.1% which equates to over 20% annually. This is considerably faster than the 1% continue reading

Listing method preference: it’s a regional thing

10 February 2015

For vendors, listing method can be a difficult decision. We’ve reviewed listing methods both nationally and regionally over the previous year, and the results show clear regional differences.continue reading

Auckland residential property values re-accelerating

04 February 2015

Jonno Ingerson, CoreLogic  Director of Research The latest house price index data confirms that Auckland is re-accelerating. Annualising the past couple of months shows greater Auckland increasing at a rate of over 21%. That is considerably faster than the rate of increase over the past year ocontinue reading

2014 was a year of mixed sentiment in the residential property market

14 January 2015

Jonno Ingerson, CoreLogic  Director of Research It was a stop start year for residential property values with some flat periods due to uncertainty associated with the LVR speed limits, interest rate hikes and an election, along with periods of rapid value increases in some areas and decreasingcontinue reading

Quarter-acre dream over for first home buyers

12 January 2015

As published on Westpac REDnews 6 October 2014 By Jonno Ingerson, Director of Research, CoreLogic People often spend some time over the Christmas break thinking about what their next move in the property market is. For first home buyers things have been a bit tricky lately. Quite apart from the LVcontinue reading


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