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Migration, Mr Peters & the housing market

09 October 2017

A current topic under the microscope, given the context of NZ First’s position of power in Coalition negotiations, is migration. continue reading

Short term losses up in property market

08 October 2017

Short-term loss making property sales are rising around the country, suggesting that more owners are questioning future gains, according to our latest report.continue reading

Goodbye Election! Hello new Government

05 October 2017

Nick Goodall, Senior Research Analyst, CoreLogic NZ So…that was an intriguing few weeks leading into the Election! But I for one was pretty happy to see those party billboards come down - political overload. Whilst we may not know the make-up of our Government just yet, September has now passed scontinue reading

Who’s buying what and where?

04 October 2017

Over the long term, we’ve seen multiple property owners’ share of nationwide sales decrease since 2014, however there was a significant lift in the first two months of Q3 this year. continue reading

Monthly Property Market & Economic Update for September / October now available

27 September 2017

This monthly report created by the CoreLogic NZ Research Team covers the main economic factors that influence the housing market, and then looks at sales volumes, values, and active buyer types in both the national and main centre housing markets.continue reading

Video: Monthly Property & Economic Update for September 2017

18 September 2017

Our Head of Research, Nick Goodall takes you through the latest trends and new developments in the NZ property market this month.continue reading

The NPC of the property market

08 September 2017

Nick Goodall, Senior Research Analyst, CoreLogic Thanks to the weird and wonderful political world of the upcoming General Election, NZ property market commentary is bulging at the seams, so this month I’m taking a more light-hearted look at our property values across the country. Other than delvicontinue reading

Is high migration set to stay?

06 September 2017

Record high net migration appeared to have eased off in recent months; however July has seen a monthly lift.continue reading

New listings are dropping further

06 September 2017

The number of new listings coming onto the market have dropped further over the past month after already typical seasonal lows in the early weeks of winter. The drop was most pronounced in Auckland.continue reading


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