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Adding Context To NZ Property Data

30 June 2018

NZ’s current property mix is made up of residential (1.6million properties), commercial (65,000), industrial (43,000) and a further 87,000 are rural. continue reading

Premiums: What Are They Anyway, And How Much Profit Is Being Made?

29 June 2018

Most people understand that an insurance premium is the price paid to secure insurance coverage as outlined in a policy document, but according to Richard Deakin, Head of Insurance Sales at CoreLogic NZ: “the perception that you have around those insurance premiums will be heavily influenced by whetcontinue reading

Could lower migration rates hit provincial property values?

27 June 2018

NZ’s net migration inflows continue to drop. Although the level is still high, further migration falls will result in a softer residential property market than would otherwise have been the case and the provinces may be those to feel the brunt of it.continue reading

What’s going on in Wellington?

22 June 2018

Wellington property values appear to have hit a recent low point as affordability concerns begin to surface in the higher-priced suburbs. A further flattening off wouldn’t be a surprise for the rest of 2018.continue reading

Watch the Monthly Property & Economic Update for June 2018

22 June 2018

Let’s get into some stats for this month. continue reading

The legal back office supporting our national obsession

17 June 2018

For all the talk of property boom and bust, of Auckland’s housing crises, of the ‘provincial pull’ as city dwellers opt for a more affordable lifestyle - there’s one critical group that’s never in the limelight. Yet without them, none of NZ’s property transactions could happen - because someone has continue reading

RPNZ Data Just Got Better!

17 June 2018

We know how important it is to access data you can be confident in. continue reading

A short look back at past property cycles

14 June 2018

Some of the main centres have seen small falls in property values over the past few months, but there’s no reason to think that these drops will become more significant or sustained.continue reading

CoreLogic NZ Proudly Announces A Large-Scale New Zealand Imagery Data Update

13 June 2018

Head of Geospatial Solutions, Matt Lythe comments: “This imagery update covers over 1million NZ properties - that’s approximately 45% of NZ. It’s part of an ongoing programme, demonstrating CoreLogic’s commitment to provide the best available data to our clients”. continue reading


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