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The power of platforms and partnerships: collaborating for competitive advantage

17 April 2018

Business leaders are swapping a predatory mindset for a collaborative one in order to drive customer acquisition, says CoreLogic CEO Lisa Claes, with platform-based partnerships heralding a new ‘sweet spot’ in the digital revolution.continue reading

First home buyers more active than previous 5 years

17 April 2018

First home buyers reduce in the first few months of the year but are more active.continue reading

Why content marketing is so powerful for real estate agents

17 April 2018

Content marketing is the new marketing. continue reading

Total listings showed signs of increasing throughout March

17 April 2018

New listings have gone through their seasonal lift and total listings are showing signs of increasing.continue reading

Valuations return to normal but market activity remains low

17 April 2018

Patterns are back to 'normal' but activity is still down.continue reading

Value growth remained subdued throughout March

10 April 2018

According to the latest QV House Price Index stats powered by CoreLogic data, there is still relative restraint in growth across the market with only a 0.7% increase in the nationwide March figures. continue reading

Pace of annual rental growth slowed in February

09 April 2018

The pace of annual rental growth slowed from 4.9% in January to 4.1% in February, a slightly different picture than the stability for value growth.continue reading

Insurance premiums in 2018: up, up and away

09 April 2018

In 2018 we’ll see a general hardening of the market.continue reading

Why is everyone in real estate so crazy?

09 April 2018

Most agents - so the story goes - get into real estate because they love property and they love helping people. And the chance to earn a small fortune is pretty alluring too. continue reading


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