How Does it Work?

Address Right works in real time through a set of web based services (or API’s) that allow any organisation to easily connect access and retrieve highly accurate, up-to-date addressing data and store the standardised results directly into their own database.

Address Right can help your business with:

  • Fast, accurate address data capture – Address Right reduces the risk of a contact record being incorrectly spelled or inaccurately entered into your database
  • Reduced costs - reduce administration and manual re-work costs associated with undelivered or late goods
  • Offers an overall better customer experience – less time spent in putting their information
  • Improves workflow speed – Staff time efficiencies – Keystrokes saved
  • Accurate, up to date data - Have confidence that to the address you are using is a verified physical address

The address set it checks against is CoreLogic’s NZ MasterMap data.   NZ MasterMap is relied upon by New Zealand’s emergency services and major telecommunications and utility companies.  This is because it is trusted for its accurate and up to date information.

How can I access Address Right?

Because Address Right addresses are the best available, you will need a secure login to be able to test CoreLogic’s data or APIs.

Please get in touch with us at  or 0800 355 355 with your contact details and requirement, and we will be happy to provide access.

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