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Banking & Finance

Improve performance and mitigate risk.

Property changes hands every day. Mortgages are drawn down and buyers pick up the keys to their new property. Behind the scenes, CoreLogic helps banking and financial institutions to provide finance options to their customers. Through access to a full suite of property information and analytical tools, we provide added insight to minimise risk and reduce potential loss associated with lending decisions, at the same time ensuring banks give their clients a great customer experience.

A range of valuation tools support collateral assessment and risk management at all lending levels. CoreLogic's Valuation Ordering Service facilitates a streamlined delivery of a range of services, from Automatic Valuation Models through to Full Market Valuations, resulting in increased customer engagement and satisfaction through proven platforms.

We also offer in-depth custom data that analyses market share and customer loyalty. Detailed reporting and analytics can provide an understanding of an organisation's portfolio, its performance and market share, and our data partnerships enable rich, marketing led digital solutions.

Get to know your customers and your market. Get to know the bigger picture.


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