Why Address Right?

CoreLogic Physical Address: An address representing a Physical location - identifying an area of land; a building, or part of a building; or a structure. Primary Address – The PRIMARY address is the address value that is in common usage whether official or non-official.  Alias Address – An ALIAS address is an alternative address for a property or parcel that is applicable for that location but not in common use. Always joined to a Primary address

PAF Address (Postal Address File): An address used for New Zealand Postal Addresses only. CoreLogic Address statistics Report excludes PAF addresses of the following types:

  • Deleted \ Historic addresses
  • PO Boxes
  • Private Bags
  • Community Mailboxes
  • Counter Delivery Locations

CRS Address (LINZ Core Record System): An address used for Electoral purposes as advised to LINZ by Territorial Authorities.  CoreLogic Address statistics Report only includes “Current” status

CoreLogic has a dedicated team of  specialists maintaining and the quality of our data, so you can be sure that you have access to the best physical in use address set available.  Daily updates are received from multiple sources – this results in thousands of added, updated an improved addresses every week.

Additionally, because of the validated, unique nature of these IDs, many companies in major industries have adopted CoreLogic IDs as their internal reference codes.  By using Address Right you can ensure that your addresses can easily integrate with important players in your industry.  

But do accurate addresses really make a difference?

We can provide many examples of addresses that have been verified as being true and correct, and have been accurately geo-located, that you will not find in other address validation tools.  Additionally, we will NOT provide you with a list of ‘extra’ incorrect addresses, as can be found on many other address selection tools.

Who uses Address Right?

Address Right is used by some of the largest and most well respected companies in New Zealand, because they understand the benefits of quality data and service.  CoreLogic’s address data is also relied upon by New Zealand’s emergency services, because it is trusted for its accurate and up to date information.  Other Address Right users include Trade Me, the Ministry of Justice and many more.  

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