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Address Right - detailed overview

What is Address Right?

As part of a suite of innovative solutions based on the high demand for correct and accurate addressing, CoreLogic has developed a premium address verification solution – Address Right.

By integrating Address Right, the problem of free text, or manual form entry is effectively removed. AddressRight uses smart design to offer a powerful, yet simply integrated solution that prevents these process errors and reduces the risks and costs associated with poor address entry.

The Address Right API provides:

  • Full formatted address – Compliant to NZ Post standards
  • CoreLogic Unique Identifier – Access other CoreLogic data sets with ease.  CoreLogic’s unique identifying code is also used for reference purposes by several key organisations in the telecommunications, insurance and finance industries. 
  • Thumbnails – An aerial or StreetMap image of a searched property can be returned to help ensure you have identified the correct property at the time of entry.

  •  XY coordinates – future proof your customer data and ensure that you can locate addresses on a map.  Address Right provides coordinates in multiple formats, so it will be compatible with any mapping tool you may be using.  Formats are NZTM, NZMG and WGS.
  • Fuzzy Search – Provides suggestions if an address is misspelled.  This request is designed for 'real time' auto-completion and optimised fast response, minimal bandwidth.

  • Customer feedback – because of the dedicated data maintenance team, if there is a known address which is not in Address Right, it can be added 
  • Data continuity – a key benefit of the Address Right tool is access to CoreLogic unique identifiers.   This provides a gateway to easy match and provision of other CoreLogic data sets, which can be easily integrated into your systems either by API or bulk data feeds.

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