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Power up Estimator Platinum with New Zealand Builder’s Essentials data

You can’t estimate without knowing the cost of materials and labour. Cordell’s New Zealand Builder’s Essentials and Builders Elements databases contain all the essential costs for estimating residential construction projects including material prices, labour rates, plant hire and subcontract costs. We research and update our information daily, with around 200 of New Zealand’s leading suppliers contributing costs.

With this much information we spend a lot of time making it easy to use. Information is divided into categories that correspond to different parts of the building – from plumbing and insulation to brickwork and electrical. The categories are laid out in order of construction, making it easy to work your way through an estimate. But because pricing an item is only half the picture we include recipes that work out the cost of installing a huge range of materials. 

Power up the Estimator Platinum estimating platform with New Zealand Builder’s Essentials and Builders Elements for a faster and easier way to compile estimates. 

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  • Standardised labour rates  - 20 different trades as well as average professional fees
  • Over 10,000 material prices – From concrete and carpentry to kitchen cabinets and carpet
  • New Zealand specific - Specialised items for the New Zealand market including earthquake safety 
  • Not just material costs - Plant hire rates and subcontract costs
  • Stay current - the latest prices updated daily.

Product overview

  • Save time - Over 5000 unit rate recipes that combine material and installation costs
  • Elemental recipes - Estimate even faster with elemental recipes for complete wall frames and concrete slabs
  • It's all combined - Recipes combine materials, fixings, plant hire and labour in one easy-to-use cost or unit rate
  • Look inside any recipe - Our recipe ‘explosion’, allows you to see how we constructed that cost
  • Entire building elements - More advanced recipes bring together a range of building components to create combined cost rates for entire building elements. 

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