Estimator Platinum + PlanSwift take the time and guesswork out of quoting

We have teamed up with US-based Oracle Primavera/Textura to deliver PlanSwift to the New Zealand construction Industry.  Estimator Platinum and PlanSwift work together to take the time and guesswork out f quoting.

PlanSwift is remarkable software developed by experts with real building industry experience.

Two great tools. One smart solution. Estimator Platinum and the PlanSwift take-off tool work together to provide fast, accurate, up-to-date costings complete with quantity take-offs at the click of a button.

When you purchase the Estimator Platinum with PlanSwift tool you also get access to some exclusive features that you won’t find anywhere else. That’s because PlanSwift also comes with pre-populated Cordell formula tabs for greater convenience – saving you even more valuable time and effort.

Additional tabs built into the PlanSwift tool help take your estimating to the next level. These  tabs are; Measuring Units, Assemblies and Element Units. The Assemblies tab provides a multitude of quantities with just one measurement, so that you can take-off quantities with a few clicks of a button, instead of spending hours calculating every item. This saves time and reduces the chance of errors and costly mistakes.

To learn more about PlanSwift with Estimator Platinum, download the product sheet here.

Contact us today about how Planswift with Estimator Platinum can help your business.

Two simple steps – one accurate quote

1. Use PlanSwift to produce take-off quantities from your project plans.

2. Next, use these quantities within Estimator Platinum to receive a fast, competitive costing for the entire project. It lets you deliver prompt quotes based on accurate measurements and current costings.

PlanSwift allows you to work quickly and intuitively from digital plans, using easy multi-format software to create detailed estimates and take-offs.

  • No need to worry about overlooking materials. If it’s coloured, it’s counted – it’s that simple
  • Sensible folder structure allows for all individual components
  • Works with PDF, JPEG, DWG and scanned drawings.

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