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CoreLogic operates, as well as partners with a range of leading businesses around the world, enabling us to leverage the wider power of our global capabilities and localise it to fit our unique market.

CoreLogic United States

CoreLogic (NYSE:CLGX) is a leading property information, analytics and services provider in the United States and Australia. The company's combined data from public, contributory and proprietary sources includes over 3.3 billion records spanning more than 40 years. CoreLogic, headquartered in Irvine, California, helps clients identify and manage growth opportunities, improve performance and mitigate risk.


Founded in 2005 and based in the UK, eTech is a leading mobile surveying and workflow management software providers for the property services industry, delivering a range of integrated operational business management platforms that efficiently streamline workflow and data exchange, while simultaneously mitigating risk.

eTech delivers both software development and client support functions from our offices in Solihull. We are committed to investment in both people and technology, which are at the heart of our business and continued growth.

Quotable Value

Quotable Value (QV) is New Zealand's largest valuation and property services company. It is a market-driven, commercially focused business, offering innovative professional valuation and related property information services.

We also team up with industry leaders to enhance both our own and our partners' solutions and to ensure our customers receive the best output through all channels.

Trade me logoTrade Me is the leading online marketplace and classified advertising platform in New Zealand. Through our partnership with Trade Me Property in particular, CoreLogic delivers key property and market statistics to the end consumer as well as detailed property reports.

Whereis maps logoWhereis Maps is part of Sensis and powers some of Australia’s most popular navigation brands. CoreLogic provide Whereis Maps with road navigation data for all of New Zealand. This data is then converted into different formats for use within mapping and in-car navigation systems and devices, which is utilised by many global organisations like Daimler, Lexus and BMW.

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