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Anna Gilhooly

Brand and Communications Manager

"Working part-time means I get the best of both worlds"

I've been working in the marketing team at CoreLogic for almost two years now. Time has totally flown by. I came on as a short-term contractor to launch a website and then when I was asked to become a permanent employee I jumped at it. 

I'm a mum of two and feel so lucky that I was offered the chance to job-share, which is so rare. I feel that I have the very best of both worlds. I get to do the school drop-off and spend two full days with my kids, but also get to work in an engaging and challenging job and develop my career too. It's busy, but I love it!

I chose to work here because I'm passionate about property and CoreLogic are big players in this space. I really like the diversity. It's a big mix of B2B and consumer, so a nice range of products to promote. But the big thing for me here is the people. It was the reason I chose to become a permanent employee really. It's important to me that I work with an inspiring and talented bunch of people and I've definitely got that here.

Tom Cornford

Team Leader, Data Maintenance

“The international reach is great”

My team is responsible for updating NZ MasterMap which is used mainly by New Zealand’s emergency services, utilities and telecommunication companies to ensure people and services are getting to where they need to go, first time.

It’s really cool knowing that you’re part of a company who is the resource for all this information and drives me to ensure my data is the most accurate that it can be. Especially if you think it could help get emergency services to a callout quicker. It definitely gives more meaning to my job. That’s what gets me out of bed in the morning anyway.

This is my first ‘real’ job since uni. I needed a place to start and was keen to work in geography so this seemed the perfect starting point. There are lots of opportunities here. I’ve just been promoted to a team leader role which is great because it shows that if you work hard you do get appreciated. There seems to be a lot of growth at the moment. It’s exciting working for a company that is getting bigger and better every day.  The international reach is great too and knowing that your job could take you overseas is really exciting.



JK (John Kotrotsos)

Imagery Manager

“It’s great knowing that we’re having an influence locally”

I’m the Imagery Manager within the data and analytics team and manage sourcing recent imagery, and preparing it for delivery into our products and to our clients.

I’ve been in the business for about 23 years now and I can tell you my job has changed a lot over the years. Technology has come such a long way since film and analogue instruments - the digital mapping world is pretty advanced these days. I've really enjoyed being at the forefront, seeing it happen, being involved and helping set the standard for what we do.

The company has changed a lot over this time too. We’re not just a mapping company, we have so many more product offerings for a much larger, broader client base. Though, I’m happy to say that imagery is still a big part of what we do and is a crucial contextual layer in most products and mapping applications.

It’s great knowing that we’re having an influence locally and that we’re also part of something international.

Fa’ananafu Aukusitino

Valuations Support Manager

“It’s awesome working here”

In valuations support we deal with banks and mortgage advisers who order full market valuations and desktop valuations on behalf of their customers. Basically we liaise between the valuers and the bankers and brokers to make sure that their property gets valued.
The best part about my job is the people I work with. To me it feels like a tight family kind of vibe which is important to me. I also love my role. I knew nothing about property when I first started so I’ve loved learning about how it all works and there is lots of support from my colleagues.
Even my family have asked if there are jobs going here because they know how much I enjoy my job. It’s awesome working here.

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